The Items

All items are handmade by yours truly out of the loveliest and softest yarn, which is also machine washable. Each one of these items has been made with love and care by hand, no machine-made shortcuts here. Instead, everything has been knitted and crocheted by these two hands, just as knitting and crocheting has been done for generations.

The Crafter (Me!)

I’ve been knitting and crocheting for over ten years, and I love what I do! Working with different colors and textures brings me a lot of joy, especially when its a nice soft squishy yarn. I live in Hong Kong, which provides a lot of inspiration from the clashes of old and new, East and West, and city and jungle. That comes through in the items I make, which are a blend of older crafts, with new modern colors and designs. Handcrafted items are a labor of love than have a lot of time invested in them, so I hope you enjoy!

Shipping / Delivery

All items are sent from Hong Kong. For international orders, you have several options but regular Hong Kong post or their SpeedPost is reliable and fast from my experience.

For local customers, we will use normal postage for delivery or we can arrange pickup in person at most MTR stations or in Mui Wo.