White Bauhinia Handcrafts

One of a kind Knit and Crochet Items.

White Bauhinia Handcrafts at the Discovery Bay Sunday Market!

Handcrafted in Hong Kong

Yep, that's me at the Discovery Bay Sunday Market back In January 2020!

I have been creating with yarn for over a decade. Almost all of my projects are made by my own hands in Hong Kong (or in transit, I bring my work with me everywhere!) Whether at home in the small town of Mui Wo or on public transport, I'm always working on a project.

I seek out yarn shops when traveling, much to my husband's dismay, to try and find yarn that I wouldn't be able to find back home. I ask for yarn as gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Most of the yarn that I use for my projects are special in some way, whether it is hand dyed Alpaca Wool from Peru, Silk from Japan, Sheep's Wool from Scotland or New Scotland (Nova Scotia), Australian Merino, I could list them for days.

I love learning new patterns too! Blankets, Hats, Cowls, Scarves, Gloves... and everything in between!

Between all the yarn and patterns I've used, everything in the shop is truly unique!


Here is a small selection of some of my items.


If you're looking for something specific, I've categorized my collection for you. Of course, if you see something you like but not in your favorite color, I also do custom orders, so contact me. There is an easy to fill form on that page, or use of the handy social media links, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram.

What is Knit and Crochet?

It's all yarn anyway, what's the difference? I get asked this a lot so below I have written a short description on both techniques. I also wrote a blog post "What is Knit and Crochet?" about it. If you're interested in learning, I also offer Knit and Crochet lessons. So let me know if you're just starting your yarn addiction journey, or if you're an intermediate who needs help with a project.


This is a method of forming a fabric by using a hook to pull yarn through loops.


You create a fabric by interweaving loops through each other with knitting needles.

New Items

Some of my recently posted items.

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